New April pre-orders from Mantic Games

Mantic Games have added several new pre-orders to their online store.


From their announcement:

Mantic Towers (which you can see in our new Guided Tour video), has a new gatekeeper – Garius Maximus, and he has some new and shiny things to show you this Easter.

To start with, we have two brand new metal kits: the Undead Death Kings Cabal and the Elf Lord on Battle Dragon, available for preorder.

With the Warhosts of the Undead now spilling into the mortal world, the Death Kings Cabal features 4 metal heroes -2 Necromancers, a Revenant Hero and a standard bearer – to lead your Undead horde into battle. Dynamically posed and possessed of fine detail, these insane characters raise up the remains of former soldiers to fight again once more and are included free in Malak’s Legion of Death.

For the Elves, nothing is more intimidating than an Elf Lord on Battle Dragon, and we proudly unveiled this figure in the mantic blog last week. The Battle Dragon is a premium metal kit and is great for those hobbyists who want to flex their painting muscles, or for gamers wanting to add the most powerful of heroes to their army. An Elf Lord on his own is a formidable opponent: coupled with a Battle Dragon, he is nigh on unstoppable.

These two sets will be released on the 26th April and, to celebrate, we’ve also added a new Army Deal. Tydarion’s Dragon Host combines two Elven Warhost – over 100 plastic figures including 40 Spearmen, 40 Bowmen, 20 Scouts and 2 warmachines – with an Elf Dragon’s Breath, Elf Kings Court, Elf Stormwind Riders and a FREE Elf Lord on Battle Dragon. With 16 Mantic Points, 5 cavalry figures, a plethora of infantry and warmachines, a mighty court of 4 Elven Heroes and a devastatingly powerful and beautifully detailed Dragon Lord, the Elves can finally take the fight to Mhorgoth’s dread Undead horde.

Undead Paintset
With huge battles comes a huge number of miniatures, and a very busy painting station. We’ve been hard at work collaborating on a new set of colours called Warpaints, high quality acrylic paints that are the best available for painting miniatures with, and April sees our first paint set available for pre-order.