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New Antares Combat Forces Available From Warlord Games

Beyond the Gates of Antares has gone through several changes in its relatively short life as a game. There was the online Beta, and then the final rules posted. The figure sets that Warlord Games was selling sometimes didn't quite keep up with the changes in rules for what constitutes units and such, but they've been doing their best. Well, after the most-recent update in unit box contents and such, Warlord Games is announcing new bundle deals are now available.

Those that would like to jump in quickly with a faction (in the form of Algoryn, Boromites, or Freeborn) can now do so with a couple quick clicks. The army sets were put together in order to form a nice, solid core for any collection. When you get the package, there's a couple 1000-point armies that are suggested that you can build with the models. However, since there are various options you can potentially take, the final design of the armies is up to you.