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New Angled Road Sections available from Revolutionary Roads

Revolutionary Roads has made new angled road sections and put them up in their webshop.

From the update;

One of the problems of tabletop roads is that they have square edges. This means that unless your roads run directly from edge-to-edge, you either suffer from "not quite at the table edge" syndrome or "hanging off the table edge" syndrome.

Not neat, and if the roads hang off the edge, they got brushed against and moved.

Revolutionary Roads has the solution!

To compliment our durable, pre-colored wargaming road sets, we are now offering our first expansion pack: angled road sections.

The expansion pack contains four road sections:

one 30° left-to-right section
one 30° right-to-left section
one 45° left-to-right section
one 45° right-to-left section

Each piece is approximately ten inches long.

As you can see from the images below, this allows your roads to angle-in from the table edge, creating a sharp, neat appearance.

As they are "revolutionary roads," they are flexible enough to go up sharp hill edges, and come pre-colored.

The expansion pack costs just £3.50-£5.50 (depending on width) , making them an affordable addition to the purchase of a 24-piece Revolutionary Roads set. The grass-edging upgrade is an additional £1.50 ($2.34 USD).