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New American Civil War Union Flags from Battle Flag

Battle Flag have released a new set of American Civil War Union Flags. Wargame Flags American Civil War ACW Union15mm 25mm 28mm 20mm 40mm New York From their announcement:
Finally the first set of Union American Civil War model flags are ready. The latest plate of ACW wargame flags from Battle Flag carries the National and Regimental colours of New York’s Foreign Legions. Regiments whose ranks were filled with men from the Old World. Men who identified themselves on the battlefield with distinctive Regimental Colours that defined them as Irish, Scots, French, Italian and African. Now the wargamer can represent those Foreign Nationals who, took up arms to protect their adoptive Homeland, and fought for Union and Liberty. Giving life and limb for, what would become the colossus that is, the United States of America today.