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New American Civil War cavalry from All the King's Men

All the King's Men knows when you fall off the horse, you've gotta get back up on it.
Not to say they've fallen off any horses... they've just got some new ACW cavalry available.

Man, my metaphors aren't working so well today.

From the announcement:

These are 54mm figures. Riders are metal, with separate heads and weapon arms. There are 8 different weapon arms and 10 different heads in every set.

A set consists of 6 troopers plus an officer and ensign. The ensign could be a color bearer or bugler. Your call. Troopers are in shell jackets, while the officer is in a frock coat. Each set is $45 USD. Single figures are also available for $10. Your choice of rider's head and weapon arm.

The horses are plastic to keep a cavalry unit lightweight. These excellent pieces are made by Toy Soldiers of San Diego, and are carried by ATKM.

If you saw our infantry news story, you know that much of our ACW line was originally offered in plastic by Classic Toy Soldiers. ATKM has licensed those figures and made them available in metal for wargamers and collectors. Some of the weapon arms and heads in these cavalry sets are from CTS. Others are ATKM originals, as are the riders' bodies.

While the figures come unpainted, ATKM does offer a painting service. Just contact us for rates and details.

Forthcoming is a set of ACW period revisions to the "All the King's Men" wargame rules. These will be made available as a free pdf download on our site. In the meantime, here's the link to a free pdf of the basic rules.