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New Ally And Villain Packs Available For Imperial Assault

One of the most iconic things about the Star Wars universe is the Force. It's basically what makes the space wizards in the setting work. Many of the main heroes and villains have access to this power, and three are making their way to your Imperial Assault tabletops. You can now get Emperor Palpatine, Darth Maul, and Ahsoka Tano Hero and Villain packs.

From the release:

It is the power that binds the galaxy together. It flows through all things and gives the Jedi his power—even as it powers the Sith. Those who have the means to draw upon its strength can use it to perform incredible feats—augment their strength, levitate objects, sense emotions, influence others' minds, and call lightning to hurl at their foes…

This mysterious and mystical energy is, of course, the Force, and it is arguably the greatest power in the Star Wars galaxy.

Now you can bring more of this mystical power to your games of Imperial Assault with the three new Ally and Villain Packs now available at retailers everywhere!