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New Ally and Villain Packs Available For Imperial Assault

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a couple new expansions planned for Imperial Assault. But that's the future. In the here and now, though, if you want some new figures, there's a trio of Hero and Villain packs now available.

From the release:

There's almost no limit to what the droids of the Star Wars universe can do. They can walk and talk and think. They can be loyal. They can be treacherous. Sometimes, they may even be grumpy and cantankerous.

In one sense, they share hard limitations imposed upon them by their parts and their programming. But in another sense, they're limited only by the imaginations of their creators. And this means that, just like the galaxy's organic sentients, droids can play an astonishing array of roles—assassins or astromechs, medics or translators, heroes or villains.

And with the three new Ally and Villain Packs now available at your local retailer, you can explore more of these droids and their roles in your games of Imperial Assault!

BT-1 and 0-0-0 Villain Pack
Jawa Scavenger Villain Pack
Hera Syndulla Ally Pack