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New Aliens Sighted at have new products available on their webstore:

From their announcement:

Hello Everyone,

We have just released two brand new races as part of our HOF 15mm Science Fiction range, suitable for USE ME 15mm Science Fiction, Alien Squad Leader and any other 15mm scale sci-fi systems.

HOF72 Canine Punks - The result of genetic engineering or radioactive fallout the Canine Punks rule the streets of the future!

HOF73 Newtite Corsairs -On the spacelanes and in port these Toad like pirates prey on the weak and the human!

Both packs contain ten miniatures for 4.00GBP and can be found here on You can also tailor make your forces by purchasing single miniatures from these and many other HOF codes for only 0.40GBP HERE.

Would you'd like these Miniatures Pro-Painted and Based just like in the pictures ready to play? Then go to to get each one finished for only 1.60GBP with FREE SHIPPING !!!

Thanks for Reading.

Alexander Scott.