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New Aliens from Zombiesmith, plus Porkers

Zombiesmith has released several new types of alien minis as well as a squad of real porkers.


From the release:

New aliens in the A7D12 range! We have two new sets.

First, we have the Janitorial Staff. This set contains five 28mm scaled aliens in five different poses. All five are available for $25.00 USD

Secondly, we have the Station Vermin that they are tasked with hunting down. These are big critters, at 50mm or so to the tops of their heads. Tentacles are separate, and are easily bent into new shapes. All three are available for $30.00 USD, or individually. You can also get the entire group at a discount for $48.00 USD!

This month, we also release the Porkers! 15mm WWII piggies. Available in squads of ten, a pair of officers or half-tankers for filling your 15mm tank hatches!