New aircraft accessories and miniatures from Armaments in Miniature

Armaments in Miniature have announced new aircraft, matt and base releases which should be available at the upcoming Cold Wars show.

From their website:

New aircraft models available at Cold Wars will be a 15mm (1/100) scale resin Grumman F4F-4 Wildcat, a Mitsubishi A6M3-32 Zero/Hamp, a Brewster F2A/M-339 Buffalo, a Macchi C.200, a Fokker D.XXI, a B. P. Defiant and a Douglas AC-47D Vietnam era “Spooky”. We hope to be able to display a prototype “Deluxe” version of our Waco glider with a detached nose and ramps and with a hinge to allow for the nose to be placed in the upright or closed position.

Along with our current numerous types and sizes of “CY6 Style” hex based flight stands, we will have at Cold Wars our new “WoW Style” aircraft flight stands and observation balloon stand. The aircraft flight stand has the same style of base as the “Wings of War” airplane base but has holes for up to 20 pennies for additional stability and has a six segmented telescoping rod with a rare earth magnet on the tip. Provided with the stand is an adaptor piece to allow for the attachment of “Wings of War” aircraft models to our stands and to the “CY6 Style” stands without any modification of the aircraft model. We also now have a special maneuver adaptor piece which allows for maneuver of the aircraft model.

The “WoW Style” Observation balloon stand (to go with our 12mm 1/144 scale German “Drachen” Observation balloon) has the same base size as the “Wings of War” play cards provided in the game “Burning Drachens” but has a six segmented telescoping rod with a rare earth magnet to allow for the attachment of the our balloon. We hope to display our master of our new 12mm 1/144 scale Allied “Caquot” Observation Balloon at Cold Wars if it arrives in time from our sculptor.

We are continuing our line of 9mm 1/200 scale aircraft with the introduction of a F-86 Saber, Republic F-84 Thunderjet, MiG-15, F-4 Phantom II, MiG-21 and Dornier Do-17Z. We hope to have masters of the F-8 Crusader, MiG-17, F-105 Thunderchief and A-4 Skyhawk in time for Cold Wars for display.

Also available will be our new 15mm 1/100 scale American “A-5” air dropped “bundle” and two of our line of four open bundles (one with a .30cal MG and the other with a 60mm/81mm mortar). Open bundles with a bazooka and flame thrower will follow.

On display for consumer opinion and “feed back’ will be a set of 15mm 1/100 scale pack animals (donkey/mule/horse/water ox). We may even have an elephant (Indian variety) for display also (time permitting).

Please check out our new play mats with either sky or Korea/Vietnam/CBI/large Pacific Island landscape. They are available in 3 inch hex, 2-1/2 inch hex or “no” hex patterns.