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New Airbrush Paints Coming from Forge World

An airbrush is a great way to quickly and efficiently coat several models at a time. It's also really good for getting very smooth gradients between different colors. I'm... not allowed to use an airbrush. ... At least, not after what happened last time I tried to use one... *shudders at the memories* Anyway, airbrushes require paint of a certain consistency if they're to work right, and Forge World has decided to help, by making a new line of paints specifically formulated for use with an airbrush.

This new range contains 26 paints of various hues, including true metallics and "clear" colors designed to more easily create fades and blends, or to be used as washes on certain other colors. Of course, these paints were designed to work along with the rest of the Citadel paint line, as colors and gradients were set so as to match up perfectly with one-another.

You can buy the entire 26-color set, or if you just want a few colors, you can order just the metallic or just the clear paints.