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New Age of Sigmar Warscrolls Available From Forge World

We just got ourselves a new edition of Age of Sigmar. Of course, that means all the minis you've got need updated rules. That includes all those monsters and such that you've picked up from Forge World over the years. Well, they've put out three books of warscrolls so you can get these updated stats. And they're free, so there's that going for them, too.

Fro the website:

Far from the bastions of civilisation, the world-that-was was the domain of monsters and strange creatures of nearly limitless forms and macabre power. From the broken wastes to the deep and fetid swamps, and from the perilous depths to the chill mountains, it was these great beasts that ruled in elder days, and the best that the feeble arts of mankind could do was record their legends in works known as the great Monstrous Arcana.

This free PDF download contains updated Warscrolls allowing you to use your collection of Forge World monsters to tell epic stories using the Warhammer Age of Sigmar Core Rules, with pitched battle profiles to take your armies into Matched Play.