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New Age of Sigmar Pre-Orders Available From Games Workshop

The Stormcast Eternals are, basically, the "Good guys" in Age of Sigmar. They're the main force who is fighting against the seemingly endless hordes of Chaos that look to sow... well... chaos everywhere, bringing... umm... chaos across the planes. Well, when just being a Stormcast Eternal isn't enough, it's time to get Extrem---is. New figures are available for pre-order.

Obviously, there's more than just a figure or two. The Extremis figures ride into battle on Dracoths, because you'd do it, too, if you could. There's several different groups available to pre-order, depending on how big an army you want right away. Also, there's a new Herald figure. Plus, there's a new paint set so you can make your figures look like the ones on the GW website (Note: It's very highly likely your figures won't end up looking like the ones on the website if you just get that one paint set).