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New Age of Sigmar Pre-Orders Available from Games Workshop

You are the wind beneath my wings!
And you'd need a lot of wind to keep these guys airborn. And I'm not sure how aerodynamic those wings that they have really are. There's not a lot of surface area. Oh well, I'm sure a wizard did it. Anyway, several new airborn troops are available to pre-order from Games Workshop for the Sigmaraite faction.
Just be careful, or you'll be singing, "Take... these broken wings!..."

Whether you want them armed with hammers, bows and arrows, spears, or a ... well... lantern, GW has the minis just for you. There's also a pair of upgrade kits if you want to turn some of your other Sigmarite figures into a more elite-form. They get new, fancier shields and some swanky shoulder pads.