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New Age of Sigmar pre-orders available from Games Workshop

Over the weekend, I assembled my Age of Sigmar starter set that was sent to me. Simply being the gamer that I am, looking over the various warscrolls, I found myself immediately starting to think about what I would want in order to expand on the forces. Granted, my immediate plans didn't really have "buy grand Age of Sigmar forces," I simply couldn't help at least hypothesizing about what sort of things I'd add. Well, if I were to expand, Games Workshop's put up some new stuff for pre-order that might be up my alley.

Granted, a lot of what's up for pre-order is dice, and a rulebook... and a rulebook with dice. As usual, they've got their super-limited-edition version you can get. If not that, then you can get the hardback book, with or without Sigmarite or Khorne dice. If you just want the dice and shakers, you can get those, too. I think the blue ones are pretty.

Then we get to the models. There's the Lord-Celestant, which is rather straightforward. After that, you can get Stormcast Eternal Liberators. When I was putting together the AoS starter, I ended up with a few extra Chaos bits because you could equip some of the guys with a standard, a horn, and make one the leader of the unit. The Stormcast Eternal Liberators set blows that out of the water in terms of extra pieces. Since there's 4 different ways to arm your guys, and GW wants to make sure you can have all those options in one box, you get a LOT of bits that will end up not being used. You get enough bodies to make 5 guys, but you get 12 heads to choose from when putting them together. You can decide if that's a good thing or not (and if it's worth the cost for the box). You can either get the Liberators as a single unit, or as a bundle of 4 units (though for the same cost as buying 4 individual units would be).