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New Age of Sigmar and 40k Releases Available to Pre-Order from Forge World

Forge World hasn't had a fantasy release in quite some time. Now that Age of Sigmar is out, though, it seems they're getting back into it. They have a new figure available to order. Granted... that dragon looks pretty familiar... but hey, you gotta start somewhere. For those that are looking to add to their Horus Heresy character set, there's a new figure there for you, too.

Tamurkhan the Maggot Lord is the new Age of Sigmar figure. Atop his Toad Dragon Bubebolos, he brings all sorts of rotting death and destruction to his foes.

Meanwhile, far in the future (or just in an alternate reality-bubble if you prefer), Lord Commander Eidolon commands the Emperor's Children to their own form of death and destruction.

Both of these figures can be ordered now and will begin shipping next week.