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New Advanced Deployment tokens and markers released

Southpaw Art and Design have released a series of new tokens and markers in their Advanced Deployment range of gaming and RPG accessories. Massive Miniatures Battle Tokens From their announcement:
Southpaw Art & Design is pleased to announce some new products in our Advanced Deployment line. This week there is a strong focus on tabletop wargames, and we hope you guys are excited about these as we are.
  • Basehuggers: Engraved wood or acrylic arcs that fit snugly against the base of your miniature, and has whatever phrase you'd like them to say. Never lay a 'knocked down' painted model on its side again.
  • Massive Miniatures Battle Tokens: Perfect for use in larger games to keep track of activations.
  • Fire Markers: Cut in day-glo orange, either blank or with the words "En Feugo." on them, these are perfect for fire effects.
  • Heroes of the Flatlands: Laser cut silhouettes of adventures, perfect for on the go gaming, introducing new players to a game, 'one-nighters' or if you are using the flat monster tokens available, a way to distinguish player characters.
We would also like to invite people to join us on Facebook. We will be offering a contest once we get 100 Likes. Join us to win a free product from the AD store ($25 or less).