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New Adeptus Mechanus Kastelan Robots Pre-Order from Games Workshop

New Adeptus Mechanus Kastelan Robots Pre-Order from Games Workshop

Games Workshop has some new pre-order kits available over in their Webshop. The Adeptus Mechanus are getting a bit of a boost to their numbers with the new Kastelan Robots. As with much of the technology of the Empire of Man, the Kastelan Robots are ancient, having been built tens of thousands of years in the past. Thankfully, they still work… sort of. Sure, they’ll do what you tell them, but as anyone who’s read I, Robot can attest, in science fiction, sometimes what you tell a robot to do might have unintended consequences. Such is it with the Kastelans, as they need to have a Cybernetic Datasmith in close proximity at all times, lest the Kastelan start just doing their own thing.

The standard kit comes with enough pieces to make two Kastelan robots and one Cybernetic Datasmith. As is usual with Games Workshop’s kits, you get options, options, options. Each of the Kastelans can be armed multiple ways, depending on whether you want them armed with either incendine cubustors or phosphor blasters. The Datasmith is pretty set in what he’s armed with, but you do get a choice of heads that you can use. The robots go on 60mm bases, while the Datasmith goes on a 32mm base.

There are also several “army set” kits you can get, if you really want to dive into the Kastelan pool. The The Octadic Automata has pieces to build 8 Kastelans and 4 Datasmiths. The Congregation Mechanicus has yet more to it, with two sets of Kastelans (so 4 Robots and 2 Datasmiths), two of the new Onager Dunecrawlers, along with three Ironstrider Ballistarii (or if you prefer, Synodian Dragoons, since you get the pieces to create either), and finally, an Imperial Knight Warden. Still not enough mechanized mayhem? Then you’ll want the Score Cybernetica, which is 10 of the Kastelan kits (enough for 20 Kastelans and 10 Datasmiths). Because clank, clank, you’re dead.