New additions to the HOF 15mm Sci-fi line have added a new set of figures, the Draccians, to their HOF 15mm sci-fi range.

Draccian Heavy Weapons

From their announcement:

A brand new addition to the HOF 15mm science fiction range. Vicious, scaly and with a head full of teeth these guys are fearsome allies or enemies.

HOF62 Draccian Heavy Weapons
This pack contains ten miniatures (18mm height) in a mix of three poses armed with support weapons.
Supplied unpainted and without bases (plastic bases pictured are from code LBA5). Pack price £3.50

Perfect for use in Alien Squad Leader 2.0, Future War Commander and Mutants and Death Ray Guns and or any other 15mm science fiction system.

You can also now buy the whole Octopod range (HOF53,HOF59,HOF60,HOF61) and HOF62 Draccian Heavy Weapons as single miniatures from the HOF range.

Add some of these unique 15mm sci-fi miniatures to your forces today.

Thanks for reading,
Alexander Scott.