New add-ons for The Agents

By Polar_Bear
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May 13th, 2014

Double-Edged Games has added new statuette add-ons to their Kickstarter campaign for The Agents.
I say “statuette” because at apparently ~100mm tall, they’re not so much “miniatures” anymore if you ask me.

Agents Minis jpg


From the update:

For the past few weeks I’ve dropped some hints about something major in the works, and it’s time to reveal ‘The Three Killers’ figurines! As a lover of figurines and miniatures, I’ve been desperate to transform The Agents characters into physical, 3D, tangible models. I’ve worked with two exceptional 3D modellers (Alon and Tara) to bring these deadly killers to life.

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  • Large minis! Roughly 100mm! $35 each, but I suspect if they had gone 28-32, or even 54mm, they’d get more people buying them.

  • agentofdoom

    They are going to be 3D printed, not cast. I believe that is why they are so large. And another reason more people aren’t buying in.