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New Add-Ons for Deadzone Kickstarter

Mantic has been making their way through stretch goals over on their Deadzone Kickstarter campaign. Next to be unlocked is the Brood Mother add-on for the Veer-Myn faction. They also have deluxe gaming mats that you can add to your campaign, either with a single one, or a pack of four (the mats are 2'x2' each).
Plus, check out a preview render of the Enforcer Bike they've got in the works.

From the campaign:

Stretch Goal: Optional Add-on $185,000 Veer-myn Brood Mother

Brood Mothers are the matriarchs, the one binding factor relating every member of a Veer-myn brood, for it is through her that every member is related. It is unusual to see a Brood Mother in direct combat. The purpose of conflict is usually to protect her at all costs, as without her there is no brood. However in the direst circumstances the Mother may take to the field, urging her brood onto feats of extraordinary savagery in their need to protect her, and laying into any enemy who come within striking distance with the ferocity of a mother bear.

If we hit this stretch goal, we will produce the Veer-myn Brood Mother, a Veer-myn Matriarch equipped with Maligni-forged armour and weapons. Her battlefield role is predominately defensive and based on buffing her troops.

This commander figure will be available in metal as an individual add-on for $10.

Don’t forget, you can go now upgrade to a Red Planet Deluxe Gaming mat. This durable rubber gaming mat is crease and tear resistant, easily storable and non-slip – perfect for withstanding the rigours of gaming!

Note that Deluxe Gaming Mats are bulky, heavy items. Depending on where you live and what else you order, they may increase the shipping charge in the pledge manager.

This great optional add-on comes with a printed grid for playing Deadzone and is available to add-on to your pledge either as a single 2’x2’ mat, or a set of four for multi-mat and multi-player games.