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New Add-Ons Available For Siege of the Citadel Kickstarter

Modiphius' Siege of the Citadel 2nd Edition has been doing just fine over on Kickstarter. They're well over their funding goal, closing in on 3x funded. As such, they've had some stretch goal unlocks. These come in the form of a couple of optional add-ons. If you want them, head over and up your pledge, which will hopefully mean even more unlocks in the near future.

The Brotherhood Expansion is sort of the "big one" of the two, as it adds in an entirely new faction to the game. This will also include new player boards and a 6th player spot. There's plenty of minis to go with the set, both to help and fight against the heroes. There's also extra mission cards, traps, and plenty of other things to expand out the game.

As for the Designer's Pack, that gives you new missions by the game's main designers. Add to that, they're making 2 new double-sided tiles as well as 10 new cards that can be added to various card decks in the game.

Still 19 days to go in this campaign if you want to jump in.