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New Add-Ons and Pledge Level For Final Act

It's getting close to being the final act for Final Act up on Kickstarter. There's under a week to go. But like a good play, there's plenty to still see before the curtain falls. In this case, there's several add-ons now available as well as a new pledge level for the gamer who's gotta have it all.

So, what sort of add-ons are there? Well, you've got the game Elementos (... the fresh-maker?), as well as a parts warranty, plus extra cardboard pieces, and even extra stickers. If you've simply gotta have everything, and want to go in with a friend, you'll be interested in the Fully Loaded pledge, since it consists of two copies of Final Act as well as two copies of Elementos, plus the other add-ons as well.

As I mentioned, there's less than a week to go to check out this tank-on-tank action.