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New Add-Ons And New Faction Coming For Warpath Kickstarter

The Warpath Kickstarter campaign is inching ever closer to 10x funded. That would be a pretty big milestone for the campaign and the game, and not just in terms of having gotten to 10x their funding level. That will unlock the Asterians, a new faction for the game. Yes, they're rather lithe and their helmets look like they have pointy ears, but don't call them Elves. To help make it there, Mantic has created a bunch of add-ons that you can use to customize your force just how you want.

There's still 12 days to go in the campaign. It's all-but-assured that Mantic will make it to that $250k mark. So if you're interested in the Asterians and would like to get a battlegroup, I think you could feel confident in pledging for it. And hey, seeing the total go up will possibly entice others to join in. Hooray for positive feedback loops!