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New add-on for Arcknight Flat Plastic Minis Kickstarter

Arcknight keeps adding more to their Flat Plastic Minis Kickstarter campaign. There's some new artwork and a new add-on bundle to go check out.


From the campaign:

The core deal, referred to early on as the "I Want It All" tier is 310 Miniatures, Legendary Creatures, 80 bases, and domestic shipping for $75.

Once the name was locked in, it was history, and as we kept adding new stuff, people want all of that too.

So here's a follow-up add-on bundle: The $25 Objects pack add-on, all 8 horde packs (5 core horde packs + zombies horde + orcs/goblins horde + skeleton horde), and $40 worth of additional bases of your choice (more normal clear bases, force colored bases, assorted colored bases, black numbered bases, flying bases, thin bases for objects, etc) which is over 300 MORE miniatures, for an additional $125. PLUS this will certainly increase the shipping costs and overflow the standard shipping box, so we'll cover the extra shipping as well.

You don't have to decide now, just keep in mind this 'bundle' will exist, and be fully available to select during the BackerKit after the campaign closes. Instead of manually selecting your various add-ons, you'll be able to select this add-on bundle and get an extra discount.