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New Add On and Pledge Level for Aether Captains Kickstarter

Well, it would seem that this time out, Aether Captains is doing much better over on Kickstarter. They've more than doubled their funding goal total and still have two weeks left in the campaign. To help them get through more stretch goals, and to help entice gamers to join in, they've got a new add-on as well as a new pledge level for the campaign.

The new pledge level is for those that want the deluxe treatment. With it, you get the base game and the expansion packs and they'll all be hand-painted before being sent out to you (as opposed to the rest of us will get them hand painted after they're sent to us, if they end up painted, that is). So if you're willing to spend the extra money (and wait the extra time to get the minis painted before they're sent to you), then it's the level for you.

As I mentioned above, there's 2 weeks left to go in the campaign.