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New AB Figures 18mm Napoleonic releases

Eureka Miniatures have released several new packs of 18mm AB Figures Napoleonic figures. 18mm Spanish Cavrevised From their website:
The AB Figures range of Napoleonic miniatures comprehensively covers all the major participants involved in the wars of Napoleon from 1798 to 1815. It was always going to be a monumental task to cover every nation and troop type involved, with such an array of uniforms and changing military fashions over some two decades of fighting, but what few omissions there are in the range are being steadily filled by sculptor Tony Barton. With this release of new AB Figures we are pleased to finally resolve one of the more glaring absentees – in the form of Hungarian infantry wearing the 1798 to c.1806 helmet. Collectors recreating an Austro-Hungarian army for the momentous campaign of 1805 and the Battles of Ulm and Austerlitz will be very pleased to see these, as they can now field correctly helmeted Hungarian battalions along side their helmeted Austrian units. (Helmeted Austrian figures are already available). Until now the range has only contained Hungarian infantry wearing the later shako which was issued in a rather piecemeal fashion – initially to Hungarian regiments – from around 1806 onwards. The new Hungarians in helmet include multiple variant rank and file as well as an officer, drummer, and standard bearer. Now is your chance to be General Mack and take the war to Bonaparte… or perhaps not!