New 6mm terrain from Baccus

Baccus have added a new 6mm terrain piece and new trees to their online store. In addition they have popsted news about some of the upcoming events they wil be attending.


From their website:

Just 5 days to go to the Sheffield Triples show and things are getting busy here at Baccus HQ. I’ll repeat the mantra at this point; if you have any pre-orders for Sheffield or Salute, can you please get them to us now. We are going to be on a very tight schedule over the next couple of weeks and don’t want to disappoint anyone.

Sheffield Triples will be a major treat for the 6mmilitant tendency amongst us, with three games being presented in God’s Own Wargaming Scale. Firstly, the Lead Commanders will be reprising their epic Borodino game. If you missed this at Derby get along to Triples as it is one of the biggest games in the scale you are likely to see. Next Ruarigh Dale will be presenting Blore Heath, which will be a lot smaller then Borodino but is looking rather nice as a visit to his blog will show. Thirdly and keeping to the Napoleonic theme, Sheffield and Rotherham wargamers will be staging that ultimate of Napoleonic Battles – Waterloo. Check them out the new Triples venue at the English Institute of Sport

I’m hoping to get some new figure releases out very shortly, but in the meantime, there are a couple of announcements on the scenics side of things. Firstly, and in anticipation of the forthcoming Napoleonic Spanish range we have a lovely little Peninsular chapel.

And I am really glad to say that we are once again supplying trees, in both Deciduous and Evergreen flavours.