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New 6mm Spanish Paper Army available for Grand Manoeuvre

Grand Manoeuvre has added new 6mm Spanish forces to their paper army offerings.


From the release:

A new 6mm Spanish paper army has added to Grand Manoeuvre`s range of Napolenic paper units.

These paper armies are designed with the Napoleonic beginner in mind who would like the opportunity to game the period but does not have the figures nor a great deal of disposable income to do this using cast metal or perhaps even plastic figures and so, with these units much larger armies are possible.

The Spanish army pack has 26 pdf files and it comprises of both pre- and post-1812 pattern infantry uniforms; Line Musketeers and Grenadiers with Cazadores and Musketeers skirmishing with formed reserves. The cavalry includes four regiments of heavy cavalry, four regiments of Dragoons, 2 Hussars and 2 Cazadores (Chasseurs), with heavy and medium foot artillery batteries and the options of 4- or 6-horse gun teams.