New 6mm Celts from Baccus

Baccus has added more new 6mm Ancient Celt releases to their online store.


From their website:

Lets have some more new releases. To be more accurate these are releases of new figures replacing an old range. At long last the old Ancient Celts have been put out to spend their last days in the Twilight Home for the Terminally Confused to be replaced by thrusting, bustling and more dynamic younger recruits. Here are the all new Celts!

This range continues the process of replacing our older castings with new models reflecting the improvements we have made over the years and following the much higher standards set by recent releases. The new range contains direct replacements for the previous offerings and also adds some new recruits in the form of some spectacular charging warriors, (both fully clothed and and in state of heroic nudity), some very nice light cavalry and some casualty markers. I’ve really enjoyed painting up the bases I’ve finished so far and will be building a Polemos Ancients army from these which I will feature in the Projects section.