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New 6mm Building Sets from Novus Design Studios

Novus Design Studios has released a whole city's worth of new 6mm buildings for your tabletop. They've got factories, office highrises, ruins, an oil refinery and more for you to check out. Create the cityscape you want with these kits.


From the announcement:

Our first release for 2015 is 11 new 6mm models which include 4 factory ruins, an oil refinery and 6 different high rise buildings. Whether you're gaming in historical or science fiction these highly detailed structures are sure to add realism to your miniature gaming hobby. Models are now available from purchase at our website-wholesale inquiries are welcome.
Model description with retail price

1062 Lazur Chemical Plant Ruin $13.00
1063 Red October Tractor Factory Ruin $14.00
1064 Barrikady Metal Works Ruin $14.00
1065 Nizhny Locomotive Works Ruin $14.00
1066 Oil Refinery $17.00
1067 Republic Plaza $13.50
1068 Curtis Office Complex $12.00
1069 Bryant Park Studios $11.00
1070 Philips Tower $13.50
1071 Bell Finance Center $15.00
1072 Saber Office Complex $16.00