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New 54mm buildings available from All The King's Men

All the King's Men has some new 54mm buildings available over in their webshop, plus a small update about restocks and their involvement at Cold Wars in a couple days.

From the update:

Alongside our new 54mm ACW line, All the King's Men is pleased to announce our new set of 54mm buildings. They include:

Brick building $30 USD
Church or town hall $40
Stable $25
Meeting house $30
All 4 combined in a village $110 (a $15 savings)

Also back in stock are our haystacks ($15 for a set of 3), now made in foam resin as well

These terrain pieces come unpainted. You can see pictures of them painted on our site, and we offer a painting service. Just contact us for details.

These are all cast in lightweight foam resin. It's the kind of foam that can take spray paint. Not styrofoam, which will melt in contact with spray paint.

We'll have all these items, our whole ACW line, and other 54mm offerings at Cold Wars in just a few days.