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New 45mm Spanish Succesion War Minis From Capitan Games/Battlemodels Miniatures

Capitan Games and Battlemodels Miniatures are bringing you a new line of 45mm War of Spanish Succession models and units.
While 45mm isn't really in vogue anymore, for the longest time, it was the preferred size for miniatures, most notably from H.G. Wells' "Little Wars."
There are 13 sets in this release, encompassing standard infantry, to cavalry, to artillery, to generals to make sure all the killing goes as according to plan as it can.


From the release:

This project, on the 300th anniversary of the siege of Barcelona in 1714, is a tribute to all the soldiers that fought in the War of the Spanish Succession. We shall cover all the armies that fought in this conflict, the first of the Age of Reason, starting with the Catalan Army, quickly followed by the Borbon Army.

Why 45mm scale?
The 45mm scale was the classic lead soldier scale in Europe, from the first miniatures of the late XIX century and early XX century. The scale was the one most used by our grandfathers when collecting and playing wargames with toy soldiers, what H G Wells called "Little Wars".

This scale was followed in United Kingdom and the United States by a new 40mm scale but, in Spain, many old manufacturers retained the 45mm scale (still compatible with 40mm). It's a great scale for collectors and gamers alike and some modern manufacturers of wargame miniatures have started to produce these miniatures.

The Miniatures
All the miniatures have been designed by the talented sculptor Michael Broadbent, they come with an assortment of muskets – from the "escopeta catalane", to the French or Spanish musket. Cavalry miniatures come with two types of cavalry musket."

We will have a Special service of Painted Miniatures for collectors by the talented miniature painter Ignasi Tor


GSI01- Catalan Infantry
GSI02- Catalan Grenadiers
GSI03- Catalan Command
GSI04- Migueletes
GSI05- Migueletes Command
GSC01- Cavalry Trooper
GSC02- Dragoons Command
GSC03- Cavalry Command
GSC05- Catalan Horse Grenadiers
GSA01- Catalan Artillery Crew with tools & sergeant
GSA02- 9pdr Gun (4 pieces)
GSG01- Horse General
GSG02- Foot General

Infantry and artillery crew (4 figures) or gun (4 pieces) packs – £12.00 GBP each; Cavalry (3 miniatures plus horses) packs £27.00 GBP each. Buy at our online shop