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New 40k Releases Available To Order From Forge World

Those super-soldiers, the space marines, are getting some more releases next week, thanks to Forge World. They've started taking orders for Iron Warriors Siege Terminators as well as Legion Moritats, armed with either plasma pistols or volkite serpentas (... whatever those might be).

From the releases:

Add these Tyrant Siege Terminators to your Iron Warriors army with this multi-part resin kit. It makes 5 Terminators, armed with combi-bolters and cyclone missile launchers, which are mounted atop their carapaces. They feature power fists, and there is a targeter in the kit, used to identify the Tyrant Siege Master. Each model exemplifies the chunky lines and dense armour that Terminators are made of, with accessories including bionic limbs. The parts included are interchangeable between the models, meaning you can make your Terminators unique.

Said by some to be no less than death incarnate, and by others to be dishonourable murderers with no place in the Imperium’s order of battle, Moritats are lone killers operating outside the Legion’s usual command structures at the behest, or at least sufferance of its high commanders. Regarded usually as dangerously unstable outcasts —perhaps created by some seldom-exposed flaw of gene-seed or indoctrination— they are also savage and proficient warriors however, having become one with the act of killing, honing their superhuman reflexes to gun down the foe at close quarters to a preternatural degree.