New 40K pre-orders from Forge World

Forge World have added several new products to their online store as well as a new set of downloadable rules.

Ork Kommando Upgrade Set

From their announcement:

Ork Kommando Upgrade Set available to pre-order now
Just as we thought the fantastic tide of Ork releases we have treated you to recently had abated, the talented Mark Bedford has sculpted a highly detailed set of Kommando Upgrade parts for use with the plastic Ork Boyz kit. Kommandoz often make use of ‘Chinork’ Warkoptas to launch the Orky equivalent of an Imperial stealth raid. In these raids, dozens of Orks cling to the sides of these huge war machines before leaping onto the heads of their hapless enemy and directly into battle.

This highly anticipated conversion set is available to pre-order now for release in the week commencing July 26th.

Raven Guard Transfer Sheet available to pre-order now
Following the incredibly popular Raven Guard releases from Forge World, including the Raven Guard Upgrade Set and Shadow-Captain Korvydae, comes this fantastic Raven Guard Transfer Sheet.

Designed by Forge World graphic artist Kenton Mills, this A4 decal sheet is packed with over 600 Chapter-specific icons and squad markings to allow you to add detail to your Raven Guard models. The sheet covers the full range of Raven Guard insignia which can be applied to all types of Space Marine vehicles and troops. This transfer shoot is available to pre-order now. It will be despatched in the week commencing July 26th.

Shas’o R’alai rules now available to download
Commander Vesu’r R’alai is one of the Tau Empire’s most experienced Battlesuit pilots, a grim and driven warrior who is famed for his fearlessness, controversial tactics and utter dedication to the defence of Tau. Imperial Armour writer Alan Bligh has recently put the finishing touches to a unique set of eagerly-awaited special rules for this aggressive, talented Tau Commander. You can find these rules in our Downloads section or by clicking here. The rules for our other XV-9, XV9-01 and XV9-04 Close Support Armour variant Battlesuits are available in Imperial Armour Apocalypse II.