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New 40k Pre-Orders Available from Games Workshop

I spent much of my weekend time dealing with the 31st Millennium. But I finally finished magnetizing my Calth set. Why'd it take so long? Well, just counting up the options for the 3 tac squad sergeants, I had to set over 30 magnets in order to make sure I could swap out everything I wanted. Yeah, takes time. Anyway, that may be the 31st millennium, Games Workshop has some new figures available for fighting in the 41st millennium.

The Blood Angels get a new pair of leaders. There's a Captain in Terminator Armor (with full vampire-face). Then there's the new Chaplain with Jump Pack. I have to say, the wings are a nice touch, honestly. Well done.

Imperial players are getting a new Leman Russ Tech Command. You get the tank and the tech priest that goes along with it.

Also, all four of the new assassin re-sculpts are available to order. So if you didn't pick up that assassin board game, but want to get the new figures, you can get those now individually.