New 40K conversion kits from Chapterhouse Studios

Chapterhouse Studios have released several new 40K conversion kits.


From their announcement:

I just added two new Rhino conversion kits to our product list. One is a Mark I conversion kit. This is tailored to you old school players. Remember the old rhino from the late 80s-early 90s? This kit lets you make the current Rhino look like the old one. It has doors, engine grills and 2 choices for the front panel, very cool.

The next kit is a snake themed rhino. We added spears and shields and snakes to this kit, it looks perfect when painted up as an Snake rhino.

Next up is an armored Drop Pod panel. This is very similiar to our “Armored Rhino conversion kit”. Looks great in armies that use our MK I Heresy pads.

I also just got in some very nice shoulder pads with sawblades on them as well as some shoulder pad size “drops”. I can not help but think if you glue the drops onto the “sawblade” shoulder pads these would be perfect for some “Fleshtearer” Space Marines :). These pads along with a plain tactical arrow pad will be added to the site in the next few days.