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New 40k Books And Models Available to Pre-Order From Games Workshop

While I have since strayed away from playing them on a weekly basis, I'll always be a greenskin at heart. The Orks were my favorite faction to play back when I played 40k regularly. I've still got many of the figures, should I get around to playing once more. One of my favorite characters was Gazghkull. Wish I still had the old 2nd edition version of that figure. Anyway, Games Workshop is taking orders for some new model kits, as well as two Codex supplements, one of which is for the Orks.

They've really kinda got the two ends of the spectrum on pre-order here. You've got the sleek, clean Tau with their long-ranged specialties and shiny armor. Then... there's the Orks. I mean, the Ork battlecry is right there on the book cover (that, of course, being "WAAAGH!"). Meanwhile, we all know the Tau battlecry is, "Not the face!"

Anyway, these and a few other bundles are available to pre-order over in the GW Webshop.