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New 40k and Hobbit Releases Available To Order From Forge World

Well, sort of two ends of the spectrum in terms of new releases from Forge World this week. It's rare enough that we see even releases for Age of Sigmar on there. But a Lord of the Rings release? I can't remember the last one of those. Along with some new dwarves, there's also a couple of 40k releases as well. Told you it was two ends of the spectrum.

For Lord of the Rings, one could say the new releases come up short. *snicker*
Get it? 'Cause they're dwarves? *ahem* Anyway, the Iron Hills Dwarves are getting quite a bit of backup. They've got themselves a new ballista, a squad of warriors, as well as a new hero, Dain Ironfoot. Of course, there's various ways you can pick them up. There's individually, just one copy of the new stuff, or bundled together to give you a full fighting force.

Then, over on the 40k side of things, there's a new book in the form of Imperial Armour - The Anphelion Project. This covers all the models that have been released through Forge World for the Tyranid faction. If you don't want something bio-mechanical and instead just mechanical-mechanical, you can get yourself a Vultarax Stratos-automata.

And for those that love dice (and who doesn't love dice?), you can get custom dice for the World Eaters and Iron Warriors.