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New 3D renders from Toughest Girls of the Galaxy

Raging Heroes posted up another update on their Toughest Girls of the Galaxy campaign. Go check out the latest set of renders.

Iron Empire Mecha


From the campaign:

We said we would do another Update with more images before the close of the Pledge Manager. Well, the machines have been running 'round the clock to get the renders out, but nature conspired against us as well: our Sculpt Supervisor became an uncle for the first time this past week-end, and so we had to do without him for a few days...

?So, since we are publishing this Update only now, we have pushed out the close of the Pledge Manager to Thursday June 19.

In this update, you will find new renders for

the long-awaited Necro-Priestess Nepharya (IE)
Commander Elektra Eisenstein (KST)
Strategist Ludmilla Magdanova (KST)
Chief Commander Aleksandr Kurganov (KST)
the KST Artilleries
the IE Artilleries
the IE Mecha
the KST Motorbikes
the IE Motorbikes
and the KST and IE Weapons for Regular and Heavy Troops and Command Groups.