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New 3D board game on Kickstarter

Icosagame is an innovative, 3D board game up on Kickstarter looking for funding.

From the campaign:

Basically, it is a family of games played on an icsahedron. The icosahedron provides the framework, or game board, for the game. Players use colored markers which clip on to the rods of the icosahedron. But the real difference maker of ICOSAGAME is the fact that on each turn the game board moves. How, you say? Well, the markers are placed on one of the three rods that make up the triangle that the icosahedron is currently sitting on. The "game board" is then rotated around the rod that the marker is played upon, leaving the icosahedron resting on a new triangle, ready for the next player's move. Thus, the frame of reference changes after each move. There are a wide variety of games the can be played on the icosahedron, ranging from simple ones like checkers to ones as complex and challenging as chess.