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New $300 pledge level added to Mars Attacks Kickstarter campaign

Mantic added a new $300 pledge level to their Mars Attacks Kickstarter campaign. You get stuff and then can pick out $300 worth of more stuff... Seems like a pretty good deal.


From the update:

A new pledge level has been launched on the Mars Attacks Kickstarter, preparing you for big games!

As the game gets big and introduces vehicles, the new Alien Abduction pledge gets your $300 worth of Core Add-ons on your choice (at up to 30% off MSRP), plus a $75 copy of the Starter Game, for $300, allowing you to pick up everything from high quality Deluxe Gaming Mats to Robots to large squads of infantry without having to add anything extra on.

This means you can get a large selection of Mars Attack miniatures – worth well over $525 at retail prices – in one simple pledge.

Not only that, but if you back before 27th October, you’ll also get a BONUS General Tor figure in alternate pose included in a pledge of The Front Line ($75) and up at no extra cost!