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New 28mm Sci-Fi Scenario Online at Barking Irons

Alternative Armies have published a new scenario for their game Fire Fight on Barking Irons:

From their announcement:

Heya Folks !

Today sees the next mission of Greg Rumbles hugely popular Arc for Firefight 2.0 being published on Barking Irons Online.

After their recent engagement in Zone 5's 'Pig Alley', Sinclair and Oxford come to blows again during a horrific thunderstorm in this mission for two players which introduces weather effects on both visibility and terrain in your games of Firefight 2.0

Don't forget this, and all the other missions in the Arc, can be played solitaire using Bob Minadeo's excellent solo rules, 'Alone in the Streets'

Whilst both the above were designed for Firefight 2.0 they can be used with almost any skirmish level sci-fi ruleset.