New 28mm Modern miniatures available

Lonegunmen Games have added the first figures in their 28mm Modern miniatures range.


From their announcement:

After many business and personal delays, I am finally getting the new company caught up.

I have posted the first twelve miniatures in a new line of 28mm figures for LGG. Not all of them are new to the market, but were pulled from the abyss of lost miniatures. The full story about this is on my blog, for those who are interested.

I have also added the Lords of Fantasy figures to the online store, including a five-figure sample pack that was in such demand previously.

Lots of updates to the graphics of the site, as well as figure heights now listed for all the 15mm miniatures so that you know how compatible they are with your current collection of figures.

I still have copies of the Armies of Arcana rulebooks for those who have been waiting for a U.S. source for these.