New 28mm flail conversion Crab Sherman from Urban construct

Urban Construct makes sure your troops can walk around safely by equipping your tanks with the new flail bit designed to clear mines out of the way.



From the release:

The Crab, one of Hobart’s Funnies, is a variation of the Sherman tank that is fitted with a flail to beat the ground in front of the tank and clear it of mines. This kit comprises our own 28mm scale resin flail conversion kit designed to fit a 1:56th scale Sherman tank. The flail conversion kit has resin and metal parts, which require assembly and comprises two arms, barrel, instructions, bracing pole, half cylindrical shield and 36 metal flails, which end in metal balls. The flails can be cut in length to suit the application. For example, it may be desirable to trim the lower flails where they meet the ground. However, the flails are kept longer to suit other applications such as fantasy sci-fi tanks.This model is available with a 1:56th scale tank giving a discount (see elsewhere on our website).

We also produce bulldozer and deflated DD skirt conversion kits for the Sherman, available separately or with a discounted 1:56th scale tank. There is also a ‘waterline’ version of the DD swimming Sherman.