New 28mm European Style Houses From GameCraft Miniatures

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 27th, 2014

GameCraft Miniatures starts off a new line of European Style Houses with their first new releases.

Large Country Estate


From the announcement:

GameCraft Miniatures have released the first two new structures in a series that will initially include eight structures of various sizes and will grow from there.
These kits are made from laser cut MDF. Having the half timber details as separate parts makes assembly and finishing very quick and simple, Simply build the main MDF structure and paint it your choice of color (no need to even fill the seams, the half timber details will hide them) and then glue on the half timber pieces (painted or not). You can have a fantastic looking building in minutes.
The Large Country Estate pictured here is the largest of these structures so far at an impressive 12.25″ x 10.25″ x 6.5″ (311mm x 260mm x 165mm)

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  • Gallant

    So why is this building worth $40 pr $48? This person has never seen an actual half-timbered building. Why should I lay out the money for this? Anyone?

    • Soulfinger

      Because the measurements were meant to be in feet, not inches.

      • Gallant

        But you miss the point. Half timbering has a wooden framework, and then the gaps are filled in with stone and then plastered over. As a result, the plaster portion is pretty much flush with the wood. The wood beams are also really large as they’re the support structure for the building. They’re also uneven as the time in which they were being built lacked mass production.

        The result is that the real thing doesn’t look anything like this.

  • gamecraftminiatures

    Thank you for commenting Gallant. You are not required to buy this building if it does not suit your needs, style or price range. There is an incredible amount of machine time involved in producing a structure of this size and complexity. I can assure you that this product is priced VERY fairly considering what it costs to manufacture.
    FYI, I have seen a lot of half-timber buildings all over Europe and have documented this in photos from many trips over there. This is a generic representation that is meant to work in many settings, it is not specific to the architecture of any one country or region .. otherwise I would need to offer dozens (or more) versions of every building I produce and that is just not feasible. A generic “European Style” structure is a compromise in that area.
    I always try to produce products that will satisfy the largest portion of my customer base and do so at a reasonable price. I’m very sorry if I missed the mark on this one with you. I hope others will find it interesting and of value to them.
    Thanks again for your comments.

    • Gallant

      I’m not trying to be overly harsh, which I may have failed at. I do appreciate each addition to gaming scenery, which is an area that has long taken a distant back seat to figures. As someone who does fantasy, pulp, Napoleonic, Dark Ages, and WWII gaming, I’m always on the hunt for new material.

      That said, I live in the center of Europe. My wife is the premier English language tour guide on the Fachwerkstrasse, or Half-Timbered Road. I’m going to be more critical than 99% of gamers because I’m a serious history/architecture nerd living among so many buildings of this style, even if my neighborhood is one of the newer suburbs of my city, dating largely from the late 15th century.

      I’m really not trying to discourage you. What you’ve done comes across as having many elements correct for Northern German/Dutch 16th century/19th century neo-romantic combined with some modern elements. It’s not like anyone has done a truly correct building in 28mm. I look forward to the release of a fachwerk building with a correct “Swabian Man” configuration.