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New 28mm European Style Houses From GameCraft Miniatures

GameCraft Miniatures starts off a new line of European Style Houses with their first new releases.

Large Country Estate


From the announcement:

GameCraft Miniatures have released the first two new structures in a series that will initially include eight structures of various sizes and will grow from there.
These kits are made from laser cut MDF. Having the half timber details as separate parts makes assembly and finishing very quick and simple, Simply build the main MDF structure and paint it your choice of color (no need to even fill the seams, the half timber details will hide them) and then glue on the half timber pieces (painted or not). You can have a fantastic looking building in minutes.
The Large Country Estate pictured here is the largest of these structures so far at an impressive 12.25" x 10.25" x 6.5" (311mm x 260mm x 165mm)