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New 28mm Bunkhouse PDF available from Finger and Toe

Finger and Toe has a new Bunkhouse terrain pdf available to download and expand your Western-themed terrain collection.


From the release:

Finger and Toe Models announces the release of the 28mm pdf model BUNKHOUSE. Every ranch needed a place to house the cowboys who worked the herds. Bunkhouse comes with an interior and removable roof.

With the other Finger and Toe Old West releases such as the Western Hotel, the Ana Verde RR Shack, the Shotgun House, and the Palmenthal Saloon, you have the core of a town in the Old West. Bunkhouse lets you move the action out of town. Combine with the other Lincoln sets and the Antelope Valley sets, and you'll have just about any old town in the Southwest. Remember, all these models' original buildings are still standing, so they can form the core of that run down "across the tracks" area your characters want to avoid but can't.