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New 28mm and 15mm previews from Antenociti's Workshop

Antenociti's Workshop have posted photos of several 28mm heavy weapon turrets as well as a photo of some upcoming 15mm vehicle releases. 28mm sci-fi turrets From their announcement:
Some WIP shots of our new turrets for 28mm sci-fi gaming: The turrets are designed so that they can be used with or without a seated gunner – the weapon part of the system sits over the top of the seated platform holding it in place, so the seated gunner can be included or left off as suited to the game being played. There are 5 different guns (Anti-Tank, Anti-Air, Anti-Personnel, Dual Auto-Cannon and Missiles) 4 of which can be modded for the seated gunner, the missile turret not being able to be converted. The gun-mount itself fully rotates and is designed so that the guns can be elevated or depressed at will.