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New 20mm WWII British infantry from CP Models and TQD Castings

CP Models and TQD Castings have released new 20mm WWII British Infantry figures. 20mm WWII British infantry From their announcement:
Latest 20mm WWII sets from TQD Castings
  • TQD-BR4 - British Snipers
  • TQD-BR5 - British Riflemen In Windproof Smocks
  • TQD-BR6 - British Squad Command In Windproof Smocks
These sets are now available to buy from C-P Models site. The entire TQD Castings range has been re-coded to enable them to be listed by troop type and keep the codes running numerically. So you will now find all the NKVD, for example, listed together, hopefully making the TQD pages easier to navigate and find what you are looking for. I have included a code checklist on each page to enable you to reference the old codes. Have also added a brief guide on re-basing figs without using the slottabases, for those of you who dislike slottabases.
Monomental Modells will be stocking C-P Models and TQD Castings at Spielzug 2011. 2 Days of Tabletop, Wargaming & more. 17./18. September 2011 Bürgerschule Nordstadt, Hannover, Germany Many Demorounds in: Flames of War, Check Your 6., Warhammer Fantasy, Warhammer 40K, Warmachine/Hordes, Reanimated., Freebooter's Fate, Mad Max Desert Race, Space Hulk, Firestorm: Armada, Helldorado, Under Fire, Blood Bowl... Speed-painting contest, Bring and Buy, Nostalgie Lounge and many more. So if you're going, please check them out.